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All Levels/Courses are six weeks in duration, at a cost $135.00 per Level/Course, and payable on the first night of class. Each class is one hour in duration.

  • You and your good sense of humour, and your dog.
  • A five foot or six foot leash/lead, nylon or leather (leather is preferable to nylon in that it is longer lasting with no slippage, resulting in better control).
  • You and your dog MUST have completed level 2/Novice obedience training.

    Agility is like a visit to a doggy amusement park, providing an outlet for excess energy and a fun way to spend time with your canine companion. Agility is becoming a very popular dog sport in which dogs traverse a maze of obstacles and compete for speed and accuracy. Racing against the clock, dogs jump through hoops/tires, zip through tunnels, scale an A-frame, traverse a narrow "dog walk", negotiate a see-saw, zig-zag through closely spaced, upright weave poles, and soar over a variety of hurdles.
    Agility is great fun for dogs in conjunction with more traditional obedience training. Some worry that their dogs will love Agility training so much that their attitudes will worsen towards Obedience training. In fact, what usually happens, however, is that the dogs' attitudes toward Obedience work actually improve as a result of the positive working relationship created through Agility training.
    Simply put, Agility is the most fun you can share with your dog.

    Wagging tails are an inspiration!!!

    For more information, please contact us at 416-421-6019.

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